Photo Galleries


If you are interested in photographing birds, flowers or trees, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year.  Have a look at these photos from the last 2 years

Gardening Groups and Task Days

There are plenty of people in Friends of Nuttall Park  who help maintain the park. If you would like to help, get in touch

Park Improvements

The Friends of Nuttall Park have made many improvements over the years. This is made possible through your donations. Thank you for supporting us

Click on the Improvements page to see further details of the improvements

Lantern Parade

The Annual Lantern Parade held on the last Saturday in October is our most popular event. Even though the rain came last year for the first time, it didn't stop people coming


The park and the base is liable to flooding, most recently on Boxing Day in 2015, October 21st 2017, and the 9th February 2020. However the Friends rally round and clean up quickly, so the Base is soon back to normal